Benefits of hiring someone you trust as a home caregiver with the CDPAP program

The Medicaid program that goes by the name of the Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program (CDPAP) enables more or less 47 million U.S. senior and disabled citizens to choose who their caregivers shall be. These caregivers are paid for the time they spend providing care and, what is more, they do not need any kind of certification. 

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How does the CDPAP program work?

What are the benefits of this program for these seniors and disabled people when compared to other home health care services? 

Here are the top three benefits of the Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program.

No more revolving door caregiving 

Conventional in-home care services usually have a perturbing revolving door policy. This means that many seniors and the disabled will have to put up with a bewildering number of new people coming in and going out of their front doors – in particular – and their lives in general. 

The Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program, on the other hand, avoids any such disturbance, bother, inconvenience and anxiety. There is absolutely no learning curve in terms of getting to know the home care aide and the adjustments to cultural practices and preferences because they already know each other like the back of their hands. 

You no longer have to start from the beginning. So much time, and therefore money, is saved because there is no need to teach the new home health aide where everything can be found in the house if, for example, the previous aide quits for whatever motive. The senior or disabled person can instead simply choose someone they already know, trust, love, and enjoy spending time with.

I wanna have control 

Control freakery gets a lot of bad publicity but sometimes it can be a good thing, especially when it comes to something as important as the health of you and your nearest and dearest, whether a senior or disabled person.

This program puts the individual in the driving seat for a change. Usually, when you work with a home healthcare agency, there are times when the care provided will be completely out of your control, leaving you with no say in important matters whatsoever. 

If, for example, the aide decides to go on vacation or is called to help with other clients, this can leave your loved one in the lurch, with a new, unfamiliar aide who doesn’t have a clue about the usual daily routines let alone any other critical information that they will need to know in detail. This can be extremely disruptive not only for the vast majority of seniors and disabled people but also for family members as well, who will then have to take the trouble and the time to work out all the arrangements for the care provision at the very last minute.

The agency responsible for providing the care might even have restrictions in place with respect to the services they offer and how long the aides are allowed to stay at the home of the senior or disabled person. 

Taking hold of the reigns of power 

The CDPAP Program hands the control back to seniors and disabled people, giving them the authority to decide who their caregiver will be and schedule when that care will take place. This allows for the utmost comfort for the senior or disabled person because their lives are no longer interrupted by unwelcome strangers at inconvenient times but instead, a friendly familiar face will arrive at a time of their own choosing.  

The chosen caregiver can put their sole client at the center of their universe because (unlike conventional forms of home care) they do not have to be thinking about all the other people they have to see afterward. This means that, overall, the quality of care is much greater for being so personalized and client-centered. 

Fair pay for a fair day’s work 

The principal caregiver who is already providing care will be paid for the work they are already doing free of charge. This means that it is more than likely that they will still feel the need to provide care even if a home care aide has already been hired. Financially, it makes a lot more sense to pay for the care that is already being given instead of adding additional services and paying the charges that go along with them.

The Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program will be greatly beneficial not only for the senior or disabled person in need of nursing services but also for the caregiver who is already providing the care. 

How to apply? 
If you would like to complete a CDPAP application online to see if you qualify then you can do so here at REGENCY HEALTH CARE, INC., where we will assist you, every step of the way, to ensure you get the best quality home care that money can buy.

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