Home Health Aide – is it a good job?

Female healthcare worker sitting at table smiling with a senior woman during a home health visit

Reasons To Become an HHA

There has never been a better time than right now!


Pushing Hard

You will push yourself to new heights and challenge yourself each day.

As the HHA in the home, you will soon realize that the client is very dependent on all that you will do for him/her and, as you push harder each day, you will find great satisfaction.

No Place Like Home

Most people who need care generally prefer to receive assistance in their own home; plus it’s more cost-effective than the same level of care in an institutional setting (e.g. nursing home).

In-home care for seniors is the first choice for the client, family, and medical professionals.

You work in the client’s home in an environment that is comfortable for them and for you.

Perfect For You?

There’s never been a better time to become a home health aide. They are in big demand as the healthcare industry continues to grow to meet the demands of the aging population.

People, mostly older, are in need of help with basic home health care.

What does home health care do? Is this a good fit for me? If you have the compassion and patience to help others then, yes, this is for you.

Minimal Training

Looking for a job with explosive demand and skills that do not require a college degree and hundreds of thousands of dollars?

You can be an HHA in a matter of weeks with training and testing – the training is thorough, for sure, and you will have these skills for the rest of your life.

If you decide to further your experience/education in the healthcare industry being a home health aide is a fantastic way to start.

Shortages Abound

There are shortages through the healthcare industry – among them, in addition to home health aides, is a shortage of certified nursing assistants (CNA). Turns out this is good for you as HHA’s are being asked to assume greater responsibilities – this usually translates into more money and improves your chances of advancing.

Health agencies and job recruiters have postings all the time – it just seems endless.

The demand is super strong and will be for years.

A Job

Let’s not over-exaggerate this, yes, being an HHA is a job and many times it feels overwhelming.

Yet, many HHA’s get tremendous satisfaction helping others that they don’t even think of it as a job at all.

In fact, many retirees are HHA’s, not really for the money but to help others.

Free HHA Training

If you do your homework and ask other HHA’s you’ll find that there is plenty of free HHA training in all states. You may have to pay for some training material or a uniform but these are items you can use well beyond your training.

Home health agencies are the first place to start to seek free training.


Why Get Certified As A HHA?

It all comes down to options, and nowadays, you can never have too many.

If you are NOT certified this means you may be limiting your employment options.

Employers who do not require certification will be private duty assignments (few and far between) and agencies that do not care for clients whose services are not reimbursed by the government.

Standing Out

Imagine your potential employer thinking about hiring you or another person for an open position; you are not certified but the other person is.

All things being equal the other person will get the job and you won’t. Get the training, get certified, and get the job!

Cross Borders

If you get HHA certified in your state, chances are very good that you can transfer this to another state if you need to relocate for some reason.

Even if you just spend a couple of months in another state you may be able to pick up hours at a home health agency for some extra money. Can’t have too many options.

Getting Certified

Chances are very high that you will be working for an agency that accepts Medicare and Medicaid payments for the care of clients – this is great news for you.

The agency, in turn, will require that you have certification as a home health aide: it’s the law.

Having your home care aide certification means that your skill level will be greater allowing you to make more and advance faster and further.

So if you are interested in becoming an Home Health Aide please feel free to contact us. 

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