Take full control of your own care

You can have your family and friends be your caregivers

The “Consumer Directed Personal Assistence Program”, helps Medicaid recipents regain control of their own home health needs, CDPAP allows Medicaid consumers to self-direct their own home health care, giving them control of recruiting, hiring and training their own personal assistants.

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Be in control and direct your own care in your own home.

Lower your risk of COVID-19 exposure.

Have someone you know and trust as a caregiver.

Assist with both personal care and household tasks.

If you have a family member or a friend who is already helping you, now they can get paid.

CDPAP Enrollment Process

Contact Regency Staff

Our team of professionals will help you determine whether you are eligible for the CDPAP Program, and assist you with choosing the plan best for you.

Select a Caregiver

Once you select someone to take care of you we will help them become your paid caregiver, be it your neighbor, friend, child or other acquaintance.

Enroll in the CDPAP Program

We will submit all necessary paperwork to have you enrolled into the CDPAP Program.

Frequently Asked Questions

To participate in the CDPAP program you must: -Live in New York. -Be a Medicaid recipient. -Require assistance with activities of daily living or skilled care. -Be “self-directing” and able to make decisions on your own, or have an advocate who makes decisions on your behalf.
CDPAP puts you in control of your own home care. You designate the person you trust to be your caregiver. Your caregiver is not selected by a home care agency. You can hire a friend, family member or anyone else you trust. CDPAP allows your friends and family members to be compensated for the time they spend caring for you.
Medicaid pays for CDPAP services. There are no costs to you to enroll and participate in the CDPAP program. It is free to participate in the CDPAP program.
You can hire anyone you trust to provide support and care. You cannot hire your designated representative (such as those who hold Power of Attorney) or your spouse.


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